CCTV is becoming more popular in the effort to catch criminals and prosecute the msuccessfully. However, there are several traps in what the CCTV system will reveal when it is required. Good points to remember are 1. The camera is not like your eyes and will not refocus onto different images so the .....     Read More

Ardent Security has been providing quality security services for its Townsville customers since 2002. Ardent's management has over 46 years of combined managerial and operational experience in the local community.

Ardent is totally committed to providing a Quality Security Service for all customers and our dedication to this commitment is reinforced by the implementation of a quality management system in line with AS3901.

Ardent is the security provider of major corporate identities in Townsville such as:

• The Australian Institute of Marine Science
• Australia Meat Holdings
• Xstrata Copper
• Elders Realty
• Knight Frank

Your partner in the continued secure growth of your business